LAB Service is a collective name for the service organization for the companies in the ClalaLab-group; LAB Denmark, LAB Norway and LAB Sweden. Our service and support organization today consists of 14 people around Sweden, Norway and Denmark. LAB Service works with modern tools and control systems to be able to quickly troubleshoot, follow and close ongoing service matters. We service autoclaves, dishwashers, incubators, centrifuges, refractometers, freezers and much more. If you go to our sister site here, you can see the instruments we sell and in most cases also perform service on.

All our technicians have qualified competence and knowledge in their fields. Our vision is that we will work closely with our customers and therefore we strive to have a large geographical spread of our service engineers so that we can reach our customers in Sweden by car within a few hours. We also enlist the help of external consultants to better cover all our countries and be close to our customers and help with installations, annual inspections, IQ OQ and PQ.

The easiest way to report an error is via our case management system here on the web. Then you can log in, follow, update and communicate with service technicians while the case is ongoing through the customer’s case number and link that is linked to the report. Follow-up on the report is done as soon as possible with a case confirmation and a personal contact.

Email: Phone: +46 (0) 8-29 60 00